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P Francois du Penhouat1

Born in France, Fr. François is from the diocese of Poitiers. He was ordained in 1985 and has spent most of his missionary life serving working in formation, missionary animation and bursar in the District of Spain. He lectured missiology and now is among other activities a member of the Formation Committee of Society of African Missions.

Fr. François also worked in the diocese of N’Dali, northern Benin in a primary evangelisation set up. Fr. Francois is currently conducting research on the history of the SMA in Spain and has a great interest in Rev. Fr. Augustin Planque, founder of the Our Lady of Apostles, a female religious family, also known as OLA sisters. In 2013, Fr. François left the mission in Benin to join the leadership team in the provincial house, Paris. Since June 2016, he is the provincial leader of Lyon. He will address participants on the issue of promoting Gospel values in the modern world through the topic

Promoting local Church, clergy and the laity.